Who am I

Sylvain, 53 years old, I have lived in Corsica since 2008 and I appreciate the outdoor activities.
I cycled a lot in my youth and I decided to go back to cycling in 2016. It was while doing research on the internet on bicycle trips then I discovered the “recumbent bike”. I bought an Azub Bufo at the end of 2016 and Kyrgyzstan is my third trip with this bike, after 2 stays of one month, each in Morocco.

My itinerary

I never prepare the route. I let myself be guided by my desires of the moment, the advice of people met and chances to have some adventure are pretty high.
I landed at Bishkek, the capital, on August 23, 2018, at 8:30 AM. After a first day devoted to unpacking the bike, changing euros to Soms (Kyrgyz money), buying some supplies and resting from the trip by plane, I made my first rounds on the wheels on August 23rd.



My trip was divided into 2 parts:
• 12 days with a lot of mountains and passes that will go up to 4024m – Bishkek is 760m
• 15 easy days around Lake Issyk Kul with small stages, a few days of rest and daily bathing


I particularly liked the landscapes of high mountains, the tranquillity on the slopes, very little frequented places and the preserved and wild nature of the highlands.


Also the small beaches on the shore of Lake Issyk Kul.


But most of all, it was the kindness of the Kirghizes that I retain. Except on the northern coast of Lake Issyk Kul, which is quite touristy, I was greeted in an extraordinary way by the locals. I asked to camp every night on the farms and I was invited to spend the evening with the families, to share the meal. Although the discussions are quite difficult, I do not speak Kyrgyz nor Russian and they, generally, do not English, so we made gestures with the hands, translated via Google translator and maintained a good mood. I had wonderful moments in their company.

My bicycle

With around 15kg of luggage and despite its small 20-inch wheels, the Bufo has been a great travel companion that has travelled everywhere on the roads and sometimes also bad trails of Kyrgyzstan.
Its solidity and reliability amazed me on every trip. The comfort and the panoramic view of the recumbent bike are irreplaceable.
Lastly, the curiosity and astonishment provoked by this type of bicycle in the inhabitants is a real asset to get in touch with the locals.


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