Take a chance and watch the introduction of our new and completely redesigned 2022 hard shell seat presented by Milan Čtvrtník our production manager. The seat has not only a less curved upper part but also a very new shape of the bottom part that prevents the rider from sliding down. It works even for riders that have the seat set very upright but is also a great improvement for those riding in the reclined position.

The seat has also new seat sizing that you can find on the page here.

Please note that the hard shell seats don’t have any side or lumbar support, so they would fit on the trikes, but the ride would be unpleasant. If you want to have a hard shell seat on an AZUB trike we can offer a third-party solution under our EPIC level of builds. 

The new seat has been shipping with all new AZUB two-wheelers and is also available for retrofitting to your bike.

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