Robert Westling and his

custom-built AZUB Origami.

A World Tour


Robert Westling is a keen recumbent bike rider. He needs to travel a lot for business. But recently, Robert has decided that his business trips will not have him deprived of his regular rides.

For this reason, Robert ordered a custom-built Origami recumbent from AZUB to be able to take his bike with him wherever he needs to travel. At AZUB we equipped Robert’s Origami with 12-speed gearbox Pinion C1.12, SON front hub dynamo and full lights, and we put a carbon seat on it to reduce its weight.

In his blog, Robert describes his experiences while riding his AZUB Origami recumbent in five big cities throughout the world. Let’s have a taste of his rides…


Source: This entry is based on posts from Robert Westling’s blog

New York, New York…

Robert’s and Origami’s tour around famous metropolises of the USA and East Asia started in New York. In New York Robert took his Origami for various rides. Together they made it for example to Times Square and rode along the circuit around Central Park.

Ready to enjoy the Central Park

In the City on the Great Lake

The second stop of Robert’s world tour was Chicago. An early morning ride along the Lake Michigan shore was a great start of the day, as Robert describes in his blog entry. When giving an account of riding against a strong wind, Robert also touches upon one of the advantages of riding a recumbent. Obviously, you have to fight less resistance.

If you’re going to San Francisco…

From Chicago Robert and his Origami traveled to San Francisco. The highlight of this stop was a ride across the famous Golden Gate Bridge. At first, Robert made it to the base of the bridge in the morning but didn’t have enough time to cross it. Thus, well-motivated, Robert gave it another go after his workday and came back in the evening. As he counts in his blog, Robert enjoyed a great night ride there. That must have been impressive!

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Origami?! Japan…

Tokyo was the first Asian stop on Robert’s tour. (Thanks to Robert, Origami visited the country of its ideological origins!) 🙂 Despite the fatigue from flying, crossing the International Date Line and the workload, Robert found time to ride in this booming city. How motivated he is! Again, Robert got up very early and enjoyed a ride around the city center, visiting Shibuya Crossing (used as a location in the movie Lost in Translation) and the Imperial Palace among others.

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Hong Kong, the next Robert’s stop after Tokyo, is a city with no positive attitude towards cyclists (nor pedestrians). Well, a well-deserved rest for Robert.

The Asian Tiger

The last stop of Robert’s tour took place in Singapore. There he enjoyed an entirely car free ride at the Marina Bay and along the city’s East Coast Path. With no cars, Robert only had to endure the great humidity of the area.

Singapore at dusk

Great effort on this amazing world tour, Robert! Thumbs up from AZUB!

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