I was born with emphysema. As with many genetically inherited diseases, I did not know about my condition until breathing became so difficult while hiking and riding, I then knew something was wrong. By the time I received treatment, I had lost 30% of my lung tissue. I was 60.

We were touring Europe for 6 months in 2014 and 2015 during the summer months. I was riding a small American folding trike, but it was not strong enought for such long journeys with weight. So, when in Slovenia, 2015, I heard about Azub. I contacted the company and they had a built trike they could sell me. So, I switched. Sold my little trike and will never ride without an Azub again.

It was an Azub TriCon 26 and I added a BionX motor assist system. We still wanted to ride mountains, but my lungs and heart had to work too hard on the steep grades. The BionX allowed me to continue cycling in the mountains.

We took the trike back to the States with plans for riding America, but the trike was stolen from our storage unit during the winter months. It has taken me until this summer to get the funds to buy another trike. Now, I have an Azub TriCin 20 and switched from BionX to Bafang. We have been cycling only ten days out of our 5 months, but this trike is a keeper. (I have a 10 pound guaranteed lock that looks fearsome! No one is getting my trike!)

We started in Maribor Slovenia and are following the Drava River route, then through Serbia to Romania where we have many routes in the Carpathians planned. Bulgaria in the Rodopi mountains and Black Sea to Greece. Ferry to Italy; ride to Rome; ferry to Barcelona and circumnavigate Spain to Portugal where we finish in late October.

As an American, we have only 90 days in the Shengen countries. That is why we will spend at least two months in Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria. I think we are going to love cycling these eastern countries. We will be posting here and on our facebook page as we travel. Hoping to meet some of you along the way! Thank you Azub, for your amazing machines!

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