New trike seats sizes

Because we are listening to our customers, we´ve decided to introduce 3 brand new sizes of our mesh seat. We believe that this will make our trikes more accessible to people with “non-standard” body shape.


  • Small size – Designed for smaller riders, especially for ladies
    We are glad that top of the seat doesn´t work as “head rest” for short riders. Width is 335mm and it is suitable for rider under 165cm especially for ladies.


  • Medium size – Standard seat (wider, “more opened”)
    This seat is based on our original seat but is about 25mm wider than now, and top part is less bended. This give you more space for your shoulders. Medium seat will be comfortable for most of the riders.


  • Large size – Designed for wider riders, high seat adapter included
    This one is designed for wider riders. Width is 410mm and length is same as medium seat with longer bottom part. High seat adapter is integrated into the seat so seating position is 5 cm higher.


Seat mesh improvements

Revolution is waiting for season 2019, but evolution has been done! Seat mesh for season 2018 is based on current mesh with some improvements.

  • Better abrasion protection on most exposed spots
  • Better shape without unwanted folds in the lower part


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