The story of Katja and Stefan Hartmann, written by Stefan

We got vaccinated against Covid just in time to start a Germany up-and-down tour with our recumbent trikes Ti-Fly 26 and Ti-FLY X. This was my wife’s idea a few years ago, and we took the chance to start another try, as former attempts failed due to family issues. And we succeeded! Just came back after fourty days on the road. Thought you might enjoy reading about in detail. 

We started with riding uphill onto the Swabian Alb, had one hour rain, and found our rain gear proofing to be a good choice. Stayed two days with a relative, who was happy to have some help with repairs and
 gardening. It was raining anyhow. As it cleared we took off, crossed the biosphere area there and entered the valley of the river Fils. What a wonderful experience! Next day uphill along an abandoned rail track converted into cycle path to Waeschenbeuren, downhill into the valley of the river Rems until it fed into the river Neckar. Followed that till we reached another relatives place near Heidelberg.

Stayed for two days (repairs and gardening again 😀), than followed the Rhine valley to Darmstadt, where we stayed with friends one night. On to the village Hanau on the river Main where we entered the vulcano cycling track uphill for 50km, down 20, till we reached the valley of the river Fulda. Followed that till it merged into the river Werra, and along that till near the city of Bremen. Crossed from here over to Hamburg. Stayed there for two days with friends.

Turning point behind, we ventured on along the river Elbe, till the river Saale came along  followed that one to the city of Halle, where our youngest son lives since January. Stayed with him two days. He showed us many nice sights in and around his place. On we went along the Saale, until we reached a path along the little creek Schwarza. Up the hills of the forests of  Thuringia. 1047 meters elevation gain in one day, inclinations up to 21%, with temperatures around 30° Celsius. Reached the village Neustadt am Rennsteig exhausted. Next day we had a road downhill for us, as it was blocked for general traffic. That was fun. Joined the river Main till the city of Bamberg. From here on we went along the Main-Danube-Channel, left that at Beilngries to go along the river Altmühl. At Dollnstein we turned left down to the Danube. Followed that till Günzburg, from here up the creek Günz till Babenhausen. Crossed over to the river Iller till Buxheim where we turned right and home.

All in all this was a really great trip. 2600 km with only 1,5 hours of rain and just three punctures. So many great places, so many great people. It was a blast. We enjoyed each other, the trikes proofed a plush and excellent ride. The electric assist was nice uphill and against strong wind, but most days we only used 20% of the accumulator capacity, as the trikes ran so easily even with luggage. We stayed one night only in our tent on a campground, found a room for all other evenings calling around late afternoon. My wife claimed to be a Snob, but it was just so nice to enjoy that luxury. Never saw Germany that way before, what a spacious, beautiful country, so many ancient buildings, so much history.

Also very interesting for us was the experience due to Covid and how to handle overnight stays, food and access to sites. We talked with many people in tourism and gained many new insights. There are many places shut down or even discontinued. And those which are open are often crowded. Many a places reservations are a must, which limits the freedom of traveling in our opinion.

Now we have settled in back home again, eager to plan the next great adventure with our AZUB’S!”

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