We will have most of the bikes from the show for sale for immediate pick-up on Sunday afternoon or to be shipped from us the week after. 
You can find a list of configurations and prices here under for download (prices and configurations may vary a bit as we adjust the accessories even directly at the show if needed). You can see a configuration of some of them in the configurator as well. 
There is 5 % discount on show bikes (from the booth) and 10 % (or more) for test bikes.
If you want to order any of these bikes, please send us an email with the number of the bike.
Get additional 100 EUR discount for pick-up at the show directly. Payments possible in cash or via credit card (Be sure you have international internet payments allowed).

Other than EU customers, please, send us a question regarding pricing of the above-mentioned bikes. 
See you there!



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