Many of you  know we are celebrating 20 years of AZUB this year. Some of you may also know we organize a recumbent meeting at our place in Uherský Brod every 5 years. Some of you may have heard there was a pre-meeting tour in 2015 and we are going to organize it again. And because there have been some questions asked already here is some basic first info.

Date: 10th to 13th September, 2020
Location: Uherský Brod, Czechia

The pre-meeting tour will start in Vienna on Saturday 5th September, 2020 and here is a basic plan I (Honza from AZUB) have had in mind for last few months: On Saturday we will meet together and have an evening walk through Vienna city center. We will cycle through Vienna on Sunday. There are great bike lanes everywhere and I know the city very very well. We will see a couple of great sights and will end up in some accommodation east of Vienna. We will cycle towards Czechia on Monday. We will follow the Morava river and border between Slovakia and Austria to the north. After crossing to Czech we will visit the UNESCO sites in Lednice which will be some time in Tuesday/Wednesday and will continue to cycle to Uhersky Brod then so we are there for the meeting.

– We will sleep in hotels (if there will be enough request some people can sleep in camps)
– Some bikes will be available for rent, but if you can have your own one (does not need to be AZUB) it would be great to take it with you.
– We will have a support car and you don’t need to cycle with us all day long.
– Average daily kilometers will be around 70 to 80 / 45 to 50 miles.

We will ride mostly on cycling paths or very quiet roads. We will safely enjoy one big citiy, but mostly countryside, meadows, forests and small local pubs where a beer can cost as less as one single USD. We will ride in a group(s) and you won’t need to care about navigation or anything else. If you want a review of the previous trip, write to Kelvin from Angletech 🙂

The first map is here. Unfornatenuly legend is only in Czech. 

If this pre-meeting tour is interesting for you, send an e-mail to with number of participants and an information whether you can bring your bike with you or whether you need to rent one from us. Same, if you have any comments or questions. Please, don’t use the official company email as guys in the sales team have almost no idea about the pre-meeting tour and the meeting itself. At least not now 🙂

We will have a registration form for the recumbent meeting itself soon and Honza will discuss the pre-meeting tour closer planning only with those interested via email. More information will come in May.

You can get basic idea about the meeting itself from the video below. We expect about 200 riders from around the world and will have a lot of fun together!


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