Dear customers and recumbent fans,

This year has been really great, we have now moved to our new premises and we have also been awarded our third “Trike of the Year” award in four years. For you, the fact that we have moved to our new place means that your orders will be processed faster and more efficiently. The award means that you will be ordering a premium product from a manufacturer with almost twenty years experience who constantly innovates products and strives to improve them where both quality and function are concerned.

TRICON GR – New model in our range. The letters GR stand for Gravel and Road, indicating that during its development, we thought of both tarmac roads and gravel paths meandering through the countryside. The three 26” wheels give the TRIcon higher seating, better passability through terrain and splendid view. The rear suspension provides the required comfort, while the absent front suspension makes for lighter weight and better conservation of power.
A wider range of components for Ti-FLY X – you can choose from a wide range of shifting systems for the Ti-FLY X model which we previously offered only with the SRAM Eagle 1×12 shifters in the basic configuration. The option to select a 1×9 or 1×10 alternative makes this model more affordable.

Easy Wheels – except for the LEVEL 1 trikes, all our other trikes are now equipped with Easy Wheels at the front which are simple to remove. All you need is a few turns of a 5 mm Allen key and the wheel is ready to be detached with all the parts left on. This applies both to drum brakes as well as disc brakes. The new solution allows even the basic models to be folded smaller and at the same time makes choosing from our range easier.

A new seat cover for trikes – we have worked really hard to improve the covers on all our seats. Since we wanted to retain maximum ventilation, most of the cover is made of breathable mesh material that is very strong and not slippery. At the top, there is a pocket with a waterproof zip and reflective details highlighting the size of the seat.
A winter insert – for our trike seats we now offer a winter liner to provide more comfort in low temperatures. It’s quite incredible how much a simple accessory such as this can warm you up in temperatures below 10 °C/50 °F. It feels as if you had electric heating. The winter liner is a must for anybody who enjoys taking their trike for a spin all year round. Note: don’t forget to take it out in the spring, otherwise you will boil to death 🙂
Sizes for trike seats – to unify the sizing for recumbent bikes and trikes, our trike seats are now also available in M, L and XL sizes.
For the 2019 season, black spokes and silver nipples are available as standard on all our recumbent bikes and trikes. We keep up with the times and offer this elegant combination at no extra cost. However, you still have the option to buy red nipples should you wish to create a more dynamic sporty look.
Continental Double Fighter III – recently our offer lacked versatile tyres that would be sufficiently quick on tarmac but would also have the much-needed traction on gravel or in slightly rougher terrain. We fell in love with the Double Fighters at first sight and believe that many of customers will take a liking to them too.
An upgraded rear fork for MINI, MAX and SIX recumbents – although the change here is not apparent, we have totally reworked the rear fork on our bikes. Not only have we made space for wider tyres (26”: 2.25” and 20”: 2.3”) but we have also ensured there is enough space for mudguards or 28” wheels for our road version of the MAX model that is in the making.
Black drum brakes for trikes Sturmey Archer 90mm – starting from the new season, we have replaced the 70 mm Sturmey Archer brakes in our offer with a much more efficient 90 mm version in elegant black. All our trikes will be fitted with it as standard. Warning! The Ti-FLY X, TRIcon GR and FAT models are fitted with disc brakes as standard.
We have discontinued bikes from our Mainstream Line – due to very low demand, we no longer offer the Ibex, Apus and Bufo models. On the one hand, we are always sorry to see some models go but on the other hand, we are glad that our customers constantly choose the best we can give them, namely the SIX, MAX and MINI models from the Top Line.
BionX motors no longer available – due to the BionX company going out of business and being sold off, we can no longer offer their motors. Warranty for electric motors we fitted in the past is still valid, likewise, we will make every effort to help our customers with any necessary servicing. Here are the e-options we offer. 
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