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We have been building our bikes precisely according to our customers’ requirements since the founding of our company. That’s the way we keep doing our job up to these days. You can order this model from us either as a frame set to be equipped by yourself, or there are three different options – we call them levels – available for building your bike. It’s just up to you if you choose the best-selling configuration that can be delivered within one week, if you configure your new bike with components from a preset group – this way we can finish your bike in 4 to 6 weeks, or if you come up with a totally personalized configuration.


Start building your bike with us!


Best-selling trike configuration with a great price–performance ratio. You choose the accessories for your new trike.

Delivery time: 1 week

We have selected a set of components that we consider most suitable for the majority of AZUB riders. Our aim was to offer a well-equipped and durable trike with a very short delivery time so that you can start riding almost immediately. You can choose accessories for your new trike. The one-week delivery time corresponds with the time of transport and potential customs declaration. Technically, we will be dispatching your new trike in two or three days from your order.



Configure your dream bike to your taste and select from the parts we have tried and are always on stock. Choose your color and accessories.

Delivery time: 4 to 6 weeks

On the second level of our customer solutions service, you configure your bike to suit your needs. It is easy to get along with the process. You’ll find your way through our quite big offer thanks to a description of each option that you find upon clicking on the image of your chosen part in our configurator. In any case, we are happy to help with the best combinations of your chosen components. We only need to know how often and in what conditions you are most likely to use your bike. We have the vast majority of components on stock, which allows us to build your bike in reasonable time. We can also guarantee our prices throughout the year.

Our favorite Color Shop is available at this level as well.



Unleash your fantasy and let us build a really unique bike for you.

Delivery time: depending on the availability of selected parts

In case you didn’t choose within the offer on the second level of our configurator we are ready to cooperate with you and come up with a configuration that will completely meet your requirements. However, it is necessary to restrict your choices according to compatibility of components with the design of our bikes as well as the components’ accessibility for us. Get in touch with your dealer or directly with us. Together we can prepare the most suitable bike configuration for you. As the next step, we will check on the availability and price of each component, verify compatibility (if possible), determine the approximate delivery time and calculate the price for you. The overall price will include an additional charge for the highly personal approach and will also reflect the time needed for ordering individual components, surcharges for shipping of the components and higher time demands of the building process. The additional charge will be between 50 to 500 EUR/USD.

The third level configuration requires a thorough preparation and your cooperation in the components selection process. Be prepared for busier email communication. Unpredictable situations can arise in the course of the building process itself. For example, a supplier can change a certain part’s specification or postpone its delivery. Anyway, you can be sure that we are ready to provide you with the best service possible.

The best time to order a bike within the third level configuration is in autumn when we can devote much time to such unique projects. However, you can act out your fantasies even in summer.

What desires are we able to satisfy?

Below you will find the overview of components that we have a lot experience with. We are quite sure that we can deliver them and install correctly. We don’t want to hinder your fantasy though, and thus feel free to get in touch with any special demands. Before doing this, go through the list of components we are not able to offer.


  • Shimano Alfine 8, Alfine 11 Di2 with motor or w/o it
  • Enviolo Automatiq even for bikes w/o motor
  • Wireless shifting – SRAM 1×12 AXS
  • Shimano Alfine 8 Di2for bikes without motor


  • Shimano hydraulic brakes
  • Different versions of machanic or hydraulic disc brakes

Frame adjustments

  • Shorter frame


  • Special rims and spokes
  • Wheelsets
  • SON 28 also for 20 wheel


  • Lower gears
  • Shorter cranks
  • Special pedals


Schwalbe is our main supplier of tyres. Nevertheless, we prefer dispatching our bikes without tyres. Tyres of your choice are later mounted by our dealer. It is a money- and time-saving solution.

What are we not able to provide?

Unfortunately, it is quite a big range of components. Mainly shifting systems are often incompatible with recumbent bike designs, with the gears needed, length of cables and cable housings necessary for recumbent bikes. We are not able to supply Campagnolo components. We don’t like to combine different ranges of Shimano shifting components. Few other examples: 

  • Pinion gearbox + MGU
  • Belt drives
  • Motors other than the ones we offer
  • Kindernay
  • 29″ / 27,5″ / 650c wheels
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