Now is the right time to look at our archive and some of the AZUB riders’ archives and pull out some interesting videos you may not have seen before. You will find several long, several shorter ones, as well as a few new and very old pieces. We hope you enjoy it. Let us know in the comments which one you liked the most!

AZUB FAT trike on the Baikal Lake

The full documentary movie of Honza Zdansky trying to cross the Baikal Lake in winter is an amazing piece you have to see.

Amphibious AZUB Twin tandem

A great video from The Gadget Show describing how they put paddleboards to the AZUB TWIN and made it floating and actually riding on the water. Very funny one!

Two Japanese polar bears riding the TWIN

This one you will like for sure as well!

Off-road recumbent ride

Ales Zemanek, the AZUB’s founder, and CEO and Honza Galla, riding off-road on two AZUB MAXes. It is one of the oldest we have done but shows pretty well how capable bike the MAX is.

AZUB recumbent vs road bicycle

Milos Juriga is a former downhill rider living in Slovakia and he has transformed his AZUB MAX into a fast road bike with carbon wheelsets and other great components. Seeing him in flip flops following a road biker is pure fun.

Photoshooting in the Alps – behind the scenes

A pretty nice documentary about three days in the Alps when we were taking photos and videos to present our TRIcon 26 and T-Tris 26 trikes.


Three recumbent trikes towing pony buggy

An old one and one with very bad quality, but a nice one to see. It comes from a wedding of our CEO when we towed a pony buggy with three trikes for about 7 km / 5 miles.


Touring Oman on an AZUB TWIN recumbent tandem

This is more a slide show, but the photos are stunning and the adventure of Martin and his wife was amazing!


Follow the Floo

This couple did a super long almost a world tour on the AZUB TWIN. In this video, you will see the first part of their challenging journey.


Liegerad on Tour

Germany couple riding on two Ti-FLY X and capturing videos about their tours. We like their bikes, we like their tours, we like their videos!


Say Yes More

Dave Cornthwaite touring USA on a prototype of the AZUB MAX 700. This is his preview of other videos he made.


Solar tour

Two recumbent tandems, four friends, three motors, four solar panels, 13 rainy days and a great experience.



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