We like  play and have fun and we think you like it too. That’s why you have a recumbent or why you are interested in it, right? We would like to play with you, to have some competitions on Facebook or elswhere and also to receive some feedback from you sooner or later. To be able to do that, we need more players. So we decided to start with the most simple game on Facebook.It seems that it is the most prehistoric game on FB, but we would like to know how it works.

We have rougly 350 people who like our AZUB recumbents Facebook page and we would like to have 1000. So when we reach 1000 we will draw lots and one of you will win a SON hub dynamo. Silver or black either for V-brakes or discs. And it incl. also postage. So everything free! 5 others will receive a small cycling gift from us.

If you have a question of how to help others to join the group of AZUB fans, just log in to FB, visit our page and share the post with competition announcement. This might help!

Let’s play, let’s have fun!


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