In recent months, we have managed to shorten the delivery time of our trikes and two-wheelers. Compared to the time during COVID, when our customers had to wait almost 20 weeks, we are at only six now, which is basically the shortest possible time in which we can process the production of our custom bikes.

But it is clear that many of you do not want to wait so long and want to have your dream bike immediately. And that’s why we stock bikes and trikes in the most popular configurations for you so you can order from your dealer today. We can send one of these stock bikes within one to two days.

However, the possibility of letting you customize your bikes to your liking is deeply rooted in us. That’s why you can also modify the stock cycles. You can choose the type of seat and its size; you can increase the battery capacity of Shimano Steps motors or add one of the accessories. We can quickly pack and send this to your chosen bicycle dealer.

Look at what we have available here.

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