Challenger velomobile is a pretty known project which was assembled on ICE trikes some time ago. The builder was not able to produce it anymore as he has enough of other work so he has sold the complete project to Luc Smets and his company Eurocircuits. Luc is a customer of us and long time TRIcon rider and so he decided to adjust the shell for our trike.

eCvelo Challenger is commitment to a sustainable transport solution. With a tricycle you have the option to drive on bicycle roads as well as on the main street.Our Challenger velomobile is fully enclosed for protection from wind and rain. The aerodynamic shell is made of fiberglass reinforced epoxy, the same material we build our printed circuits from. We build the eC-velo challenger in the basement fo our PCB factory in Eger, Hungary, by a small team of enthousiasts, working normal hours in the PCB production, but spending free time on the eCvelo Challenger project. Each Challenger is made with love and care, with focus on comfort, smooth ride, and stability.

Another point is that the assembly will be done in Hungary, That means that another velomobile assembly moved to Eastern or let`s say Middle Europe which starts to be a velomobile nest now. has production in Romania, many shells are manufactured in Slovakia, WAW produced in Czech and Challenger in Hungary now. Very interesting!


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