I was an avid road cyclist until six weeks ago when I had a crash that I don’t remember. My helmet didn’t work so well as I had two brain bleeds and a severe concussion. After spending some time in the ICU unconscious, I soon learned that I would never be able to ride my bike again. I was devastated.

Brain bleeds and severe concussions come with emotional symptoms. As was told that my depression was normal and just part of the hill I had to climb. Accepting my lifestyle changes were hard for me. My hospital bill as I don’t have insurance did not help my situation as I won’t be earning any money any time soon. I honestly wished I had just died while I was unconscious as I had no hope for a decent life as a woman of 59 years of age.

Finally, a doctor tells me to try a tadpole trike with full suspension. He believed that if I found one that would not roll over, I could ride again. I immediately began my search. After reading, I decided to attend a local bike shop. I had carried many different brands. When I told him my problem, he immediately had me test drive an AZUB Ti-FLY 20 with the Shimano STEPS motor and Di2 to help me get up the hills so that I wouldn’t put too much strain on my brain when climbing steep hills.

Oh my God! I have never experienced anything so fun in my life! I couldn’t believe that I enjoyed riding the trike so much when merely walking or riding in a car makes me so dizzy that I feel sick. I felt completely well in the trike which I assume was due to the position and being so low to the ground. The Titanium Leaf Spring stopped the hard bumps from jarring my head as did the rear suspension. I tried other brands of trikes, but nothing compared to the Ti-FLY. I road it again simply because I wanted to feel human again before I left to go home.

The bike is pricey and I have hospital bills plus normal living to pay; so it will be a long time before I can possibly save enough money to purchase this trike, but I will get one eventually. Thanks to that trike, I no longer wish I had just died in the wreck and I am grateful that I was lucky enough to survive. I realize there is not only a future life for me but a great one to be had. Thank you, AZUB. You guys are amazing with your designs!

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