When we finished the first Ti-FLY with three 26″ wheels for Tom we were really excited. And our fans turned out to be excited as well. Our new project looks just marvelous – in pictures and in reality as well. And it’s also amazing to ride. That’s why it didn’t take long before we got the first order for a version with an electric drive. Right away, it was to be the “all-inclusive” version so to speak. Our task was to built a full suspension e-trike with the best possible riding ability in rough terrain. The customer was a French rider with an extensive mountain biking record. The result was a beast that we soon nicknamed Ti-FLY eX.

This highly crafted machine is based on Ti-FLY 26, a very successful model which has won the Trike of the Year 2016 award. We’ve exchanged its small 20″ wheels for the larger 26″ diameter. We’ve used 135 mm fat bike hubs for the wheels to retain their torsional stiffness so important for trikes. We’ve also made changes to its geometry in accordance with the use of bigger wheels. Shimano Steps has been chosen to add power to rider’s pedal stroke. But instead of E6000, the trekking-urban version that is used by our competitors within the recumbent bikes industry, we’ve opted for E8000, the mountain bike version. E8000 will go far beyond expectations you could hold for a 250W power drive. 70 Nm of torque will drag you up any hill like a pair of horses making climbing tremendous fun instead of dull work.

Ti-FLY eX has become the epitome of unprecedented fun, joy and coolness that you’ll be enjoying for days, weeks, months and perhaps even years to come.

For more information about the Ti-FLY eX, visit it’s profile on our pages.


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