First two trikes Jamie and Irene had from AZUB were two TRIcons, but as they live in Oregon, USA they wanted something they can use in the winter as well. So Jamie bought a FAT for himself first, but Irene soon fell in love with the FAT too so they had to purchase one for her too. They both like the higher sitting position and kind of adult look of the trikes with three 26“. They built another couple of FAT trikes from framesets after some time to have two of them with summer tyres and two with winter ones. And so they have a great looking fleet of four FAT trikes now. We love the turquoise one of Jamie with composite seat and the amazing ESI grips in the same color. What a nice little detail!

We asked Jamie to share their experience with other AZUB riders.


Do you still have the TRIcons you had first? Why do you have the FAT with summer tyres now?

After we bought the first FAT for Winter riding, we were sharing. I would go out first in the snow and then Irene would go. We enjoyed it so much, we bought the second frame in the Spring, and we began to ride them almost exclusively. We ride about 30km every day on paved multi-use paths, and although paved, the paths are still pretty bumpy with large gaps. The larger diameter wheels on the FAT really made a difference of comfort, even when theTRIcons have 50mm tires and the rear suspension. Also, the FATs are closer to automobile height, so Irene feels safer in traffic. And, everyone who visits wants to ride the FAT trikes! So, we sold the TRIcons to fund the 2 new blue frames.

The Summer Wheels were a nice upgrade for when there was no snow and ice for us. I’m using Compass Tires Rat Trap Pass 559 x 54mm, so very comfortable, like the FAT wheels and tires, but faster and lighter. Having both setups allows us to ride off-road anytime and still have a great paved path trike. So, March to November, we are on the Summer tires, and when the snow starts we switch over. In the Summer, we’re probably 95% Summer tires and 5% off-road. In the Winter, it is all big knobby tires! Our Family and visitors all ride the fat tired trikes when they visit. They are just a lot of fun.


Regarding the seats. You have both the old mesh seats from us as well as the new ones which are not so bent on the top and are a bit wider. Do you find the new ones better? Why?

I think the new seats are an improvement. It feels less closed in and more open on the top. Irene also prefers the new seats. She says they fit her back better. I also like the new handlebar as well! More natural hand position and easier to cable!


And lastly, the composite seat on your trike. Whom has made it? Why do you like it and where is the difference to standard mesh seat from us.

The composite seat is a Thor Trike seat ( ). I have short legs and a long body, and I personally like to recline a lot more than Irene. The mesh seats, when pushed back, the seat bottom hits the back of my legs when I pedal. So, when reclined, the composite seat fits me better. I ride more upright when going off-road or in the snow, so I use the mesh seat without a problem.

I got used to being more reclined on my first recumbent bike, a Toxy ZR. (note the colour Ha Ha!)


Thank you for your answers, Jamie!






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