We have just published a reservation list on the web page. As you can see we can produce about one Ti-FLY trike a day and although we mentioned recently that we plan to ship first trikes to customers in the middle of July, we better start with 1st of August. We all know that the beginnings of serial production are difficult. If we can manage to ship the first trike sooner, we all will be happy.

Delivering only perfect products is essential for us, so please, do not push us to ship your trike sooner. If we feel we can speed up the process safely, we will do that voluntarily. If not, we will go according to our published plan providing the high-quality AZUB standard you like.

If you have reserved your own Ti-FLY and you do not like your production time, you can easily cancel the reservation by sending an e-mail to honza@azub.cz.

If you are OK with your production time, your preferred dealer should contact you within next couple of days so you can finalize specification of your own dream trike.

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