Mainstream Line

A well-known saying is that beauty lies in simplicity. And the bikes from our Mainstream Line are exactly that. Elements such as the mounting of the rear fork or the shock have been tried and tested by years of use. Before, there used to be many more differences between the Mainstream Line and the Top Line, but here in AZUB, we simply enjoy tinkering with things and improving them. In 2013, we therefore merged many elements with the Top Line. Today, the only difference between them is the rear fork which has a simple design in the Mainstream Line, mounted on the steel axle with bushings. Also, the Apus, Ibex and Bufo do not have a chain pulley and their chain lies directly between the cranks and the cassette. This solution is simply clean, functional and durable. After all, the Apus or Ibex have been used by many long distance explorers on their expeditions. And what is more, Mainstream Line bikes cope extremely well even with everyday heavy use, for example when commuting to work.




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