We would like to show you our new small but extremely capable accessory.

The UNI-mount is very easy and quick to mount on any 22.2 mm diameter tube, i.e. the diameter of standard handlebars, and gives you a tube of the same diameter at a 90-degree angle. Perfect for fixing mirrors, mounting cycle computers, GPS, or phone holders. It is also possible to attach displays of electric drives, a bell, and many other things on it. Or possibly another UNI-mount.

The UNI-mount is made of reinforced plastic, and thanks to its well-thought-out design, it can hold very firmly on the handlebars and not even move. It also holds large phones, so you don’t have to worry about losing them somewhere while riding.

It can be attached not only to AZUB recumbents, but also to cycles of other brands. The sleeve is split in half and is very narrow so that you can mount it in otherwise hard-to-reach places.

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