Dear AZUB fans, 

after over a year of working on this project, we are launching our new configurator and, with it, the 2023 pricing. As in the last years, we don’t have a printed price list or pdf because the situation is so dynamic that it doesn’t make sense to have anything offline. Instead, we focus on having the online info as up-to-date as possible. 


– The USD prices basically don’t change at all. 

– The EUR prices have increased by 3% on average, with the highest increase at the T-Tris model. We had to make the T-Tris more expensive, and the price increased by nearly 10% in EUR. In general, we have increased our prices less than most competitors. 

– There is a new pricing level related to the “Rest of the World” area outside the EU and USA. That said, it is EUR pricing without VAT. Our sales team or the dealer in your area have to prepare the final price offer for you.

– Prices will become valid on February 1st. Until then, you can still use the old configurator with 2022 pricing. On February 1st, we will move the new configurator to the original address of, and the old configurator will become history. 


As mentioned before, it took us over a year to develop the new configurator. In many ways, it is simplified, especially after you are done configuring the bike from us. There is no need to enter your email address, although you can send the configuration to up to three email addresses at once. 

– At least till the end of January, we consider it a beta version, so there might be some minor issues here and there. Any feedback or suggestion is welcome! 

– It is a modern multi-step configurator with categories of options and sub-categories to make configuring smoother and faster. 

– There are more information and photos included, and we will be adding even more of them in the following weeks and months. 

– Notes and names of the configurations are part of the configuration now, so when you load the configuration again, the note and name will display again. Still, any change to a configuration saved previously will trigger a new configuration number. 

– You can create an account in the configurator and see your configurations there.

– There is no option to order the bike directly from the configurator; you have to send the configuration number or re-send the email from the configurator to the dealer or to us. Customer details like height or weight plus any specification of the ColorShop or other EPIC build requests should be mentioned in the note. 

We hope you will like it.


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