The current situation is difficult for many people around us. Some shops are closed, movement is limited, fear and uncertainty are present. One of the positive things is that cycling is still allowed or at least tolerated in many countries.

In any case, problems will affect many recumbent bicycle dealers. We can already see that sales have fallen significantly and a lot of dealers have to be closed for sale. As a rule, only service can be usually provided. Now, especially than ever, your recumbent dealer needs your help.

How to help your favorite recumbent dealer?

– Do you need to service your bike? Now is the right time.
– Have you considered buying a suitable accessory, clothing or even a bike? Purchase can be managed via e-shop or e-mail!
– Are you fully equipped? So add ratings to your recumbent dealer’s Facebook page or Google Maps page.


How to add a rating on Facebook?


How do I add ratings on Google Maps?

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