The supply of parts in the cycling industry is more than tragic, and key components are delayed by many weeks. Also, high demand increases our need for individual parts, and many manufacturers cannot confirm any delivery date. However, we try to meet our customers’ needs and look for various ways to achieve this. Some may seem controversial, but we are willing to do anything to meet our customers’ expectations and give them the bikes they order.

That’s why a few months ago, we decided to include Honda four-stroke engines in our offer instead of Shimano Steps engines. These are easily available. We tried their use on the AZUB T-Tris 20 trike, and the engine met our expectations. If it is not switched on, it is completely silent, and its range is almost endless. If you remove it from the trike, you will find that the trike is very light and its riding characteristics are excellent. Without the motor, the trike looks absolutely flawless in design. And we like that! That is why we are introducing this engine to the offer immediately.

If you can’t find it in our configurator, it means that it is already sold out, and even Honda has not been able to supply so many pieces to satisfy your demand.

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