My girlfriend Ophélie and my-self (Fred) will ride our bikes during 1 year in America. We’ll spend 5 months in the wilderness of West USA and Canada and 7 months in South America between Lima and El Calafate. You can see all the details on our blog :

We’ll start at Las Vegas on May 1 st.

This 15 000 km trip is an old dream which became an evidence after all the vacations we spent travelling this way. We love the freedom that allow bicycle : we carry all we need, go where we want and sleep where we want, or sometime only where we can ! Moreover, it’s a cheap way to travel for a long time on long distances.

We both ride Azub 5 since 2010. We already made several 3 or 4 weeks trip on them and more than 8000 km and we like them very much. We’re not sponsored by Azub but I can only say good things about the bikes. Ok, they’re heavy (21 kg fully equiped), but our average speed is the same as when we rode lighter bikes (15-16 kg) and, for me, even higher in mountain’s road due to an efficient position.

They’re also very strong, especially thanks to the front and rear suspension which absorbs shocks and bumps, and protect wheels and frame from damages, which is important when you carry 30 kg of luggage ! Also, the carriers are very handy and allow to get our Ortlieb very low, which improve the stability a lot.

Now, we pray that they’ll be strong enough for the transportation on the plane, fingers crossed !

Hope you’ll follow us on the blog. Don’t hesitate to suscribe to the newsletter and to leave us nice comments !

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