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Fred and Ophélie


In brief : born in 1983, ex-manager in logistics, future on-see-well-in-return. Maybe camping pot cleaner.

Likes : sleeping, eating, re-sleeping, playing sports, putting on sleepwear, Chippendales, ranting, sleeping, cooking, unicorns, sewing, ham-shells, fairies, installing his dodo in the tent, The patties-sausage of course.

Hates : not sleeping, hurting, hungry, vampires, cold, climb ribs by bike, cassoulet and au gratin dauphinois in a can (even the William Saurin !!), not to take his coffee in the morning, not to take shower. This trip will be complicated …

Strengths : a mind of steel, able to laugh even after 4 hours to pedal in the rain without eating (yes, it looks like a psychopath in those moments), never panic, camel endurance, an amazing ability to Make pity to get discounts in hotels, very good resistance to pain (like most women, guys are chochottes, that’s true) and standards of hygiene well below average (essential When you have to drink in a cup that contained a lima 1 minute before or that you have to put on a t-shirt that makes bleed the eyes so it stinks)

We do not even know how much she has to do, but she does not even know how much she has to put on a patch, even that. She can scarify herself by thinking of the camembert she will not find for months, worries about her waxing of the calves whereas it has been 5 days that one has not washed and that one rolls in Pants, fear of trifles (kidnapping, terrorist attacks, bear attacks, snake bites, no more eating camembert, being crushed by a bus …)

If Ophélie was:

  • An animal = a koala in RTT
  • One piece = pajamas
  • A drink = a grog (famous Norman cure that heals everything)
  • A disease = trypanosomiasis
  • A plant = a rose full of thorn
  • A car = the 4L, with NOS kit
  • A plush = Winnie the Pooh, able to kill for honey
  • A rule of grammar still not mastered = the “si” do not like the “re”
  • An actress = Isabelle Carré in Dora the explorer
  • A curse = I will curdle them
  • A TV series character = Loïs in Malcolm
  • A singer = René the taupe
  • A joke = What is yellow and turns red by turning ………. A chick in a blender


In short : born in 1981, ex-manager in logistics, future on-see-well-in-return. Maybe gardener and receptionist for single Swedish tourists.

Likes : crazy bivouacs, playing sports, napping, reading in the tent, putting money aside, eating at the campsite, climbing passes, eating well, making a campfire, getting up early, Doubling other cyclists by whistling, laughing, tinkering, gardening, bugging Ophelia and hunt panda babies.

Hate : big cities full of cars, cars, facebook / twitter / instagram, conformism, nightclubs, smartphones, people who play Candy Crush on their smartphones, calf’s liver, Sunday night, Rain, crowds, selfish poles, department stores, brassieres and defenders of pandas.

Strengths: can repair a puncture in less than 10 minutes and dismantle / reassemble a whole bike in a Peruvian winery, is looking forward to climbing ribs for days, worried about a few things

Weaknesses : it is a sub-shit as soon as it rains or is attacked from the front wind, squeaks and falls in a fetal position when one moves from the front wind downhill , becomes a hyena sociopath when it is hungry ‘Never confesses when his sense of direction leaves in pacifier, takes himself for Bear Grylls without having the physical capacities

If Fred was:

  • An animal = a mixture between a lion (for the smell) and a wildebeest (for everything else and a little smell again)
  • A color = green, soothing, nature and full of hope. Also with a penchant for yellow and white with red pitch
  • A disease = the pécole
  • An actor = Pierre Richard in Indiana Jones
  • A swear word = card, name of a blind whore
  • A season = spring, but a real one, not this year 2013
  • A sextoy = an anouille of Guéméné
  • A plush = Tigger, Hou hou hou !!
  • A singer = Franck Michael singing Didier Super
  • A plant = a potato plant
  • A character from BD = Calvin
  • A dish = the remains of the previous day with an egg
  • a joke = A girl reaches the body of a supermarket and deposits the following products: 
    – 1 Soap 
    – 1 toothbrush 
    – 1 toothpaste tube 
    – 1 baguette 
    – 1 liter of milk 
    – 1 apple 
    – 1 banana 
    – 1 orange 
    – 1 peach 
    – 1 tomato 
    – 1 lettuce 
    – 1 cabbage 
    – 1 muesli bar 
    – 1 pie 
    – 1 meal microwave 
    – 1 frozen pizza 
    The cashier looks at her, smiles, and says, “Bachelor, huh?  
    The girl smiled shyly and replied, moved:” Yes … how did you guess?  
    The guy replies,” because you’re ugly! 





1 year on an Azub 5

1 year on an Azub 5

Fred & Ophélie,  Hello, It's now 11 months we're on a bike trip on our Azub 5. We started in may 1st, 2013, in USA where we spent 4 unforgettable months/7000 km between Las Vegas and San Francisco. Then we flew to Cuzco in Perou and...

Fred and Ophélie are heading to America

Fred and Ophélie are heading to America

My girlfriend Ophélie and my-self (Fred) will ride our bikes during 1 year in America. We'll spend 5 months in the wilderness of West USA and Canada and 7 months in South America between Lima and El Calafate. You can see all the details on our blog :...


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