TRIcon stories

2018-Five months touring Europe

I was born with emphysema. As with many genetically inherited diseases, I did not know about my condition until breathing became so difficult while hiking and riding, I then knew something was wrong. By the time I received treatment, I had lost 30% of my lung tissue....

Triking Turkey with Thomas

Covering 1500 km, and with a vocabulary of just 100 words, travel writer Thomas Bauer rode his recumbent trike along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, gathering over 50 invitations to tea along the way.

The Silk Road and trikes

They set off on their journey from the foot of the Eiffel Tower on one beautiful sunny Sunday in March 2014. Nicolas Cochin, originally from Jumeauville, and his girlfriend, Anne-Cé. Ultimately, they managed to win a crazy bet that they would travel 12,500 kilometres from Paris to Bangkok along the Silk Road. They travelled on two AZUB TRIcon trikes.

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