We would like to announce our winter offer for this year. Something we have never done before, but we would like to do this year.

The winter offer consists of two offers in fact:

The 1st is a our color shop option for free exclude the seat. The seat would be just 30 EUR or 37 USD (valid also for orders through our dealers).

The 2nd one is a 15% discount to customers from countries where there is no AZUB dealer.

We have three main reasons for that. It is obvious that the winter time is quite hard for all the pure cycling companies like we are, so it make sense to offer a little bit more right now. The second reason is that we would like to build as much bikes as possible during winter so we won’t need to fight with too many orders during the high season next year as we did in last years. And the third reason is that we would like to make it easier for future recumbent riders from distant countries to get their dream bike or trike.

We have sold many bikes and trikes to unusual countries like French Guyana, China, Brazil, Reunion Island, Dubai etc. Many other countries are not that unusual but are simply too far away from Europe or US and transporting bikes there is simply very expensive like to Australia or New Zealand. And as we know how to ship bikes to such countries and as we know how difficult and expensive it is for the customers to buy the bike, we would like to help them and to help spread the recumbent idea around the world.

There is not only the 15% discount, but also some VAT deduction and other things around which can help, but also other things which make it more complicated like customs and duties. If you are interested just contact us and we will help you with that.

Have a good time and enjoy the winter! It makes the world not that stereotyped and you can always find something nice on something you do not like that much.

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