If we had to describe it in a nutshell, it was great, it was amazing, and we look forward to next year. Yes, we are talking about SPEZI, which changed not only the organizers but also the location, and this year it was held in the south of Germany in Lauchringen. Just the venue itself, in the form of an old textile factory, had a great atmosphere, but the weather was also good, so everyone was smiling and enjoying the event, which had to be canceled three times in the past years due to COVID.

We had prepared a brand new exhibition booth for the visitors, where we displayed only three bikes. You understand correctly. Only three! But top-notch ones. AZUB MAX 700 in gravel finish with a special carbon front suspension fork from Icelandic manufacturer Lauf, which we added with a 2×11 wireless shifting system from SRAM. The same shifting you’d find on an off-road Ti-FLY X trike with a Brose Smag motor. Third on the podium was the AZUB TRIcon 20 trike with a Shimano Steps engine, which was fully equipped and had a huge amount of extras on it. All three bikes were then brought out in our ColorShop, so there was definitely something to look at.

We then had another 15 bikes and trikes ready to test, and there was also a trike from Matt Galat, who you may know through his YouTube channel JaYoe Nation, and who is our ambassador, to admire. Also helping us out at the booth was adventurer Rich Haket. Matt and Victor Zichó then also had their travel shows at SPEZI.

Absolutely fabulous was the test track, which weaved between the halls of the textile factory, and which also ran through the exhibition hall itself to the booths of each exhibitor. However, there was also a long version of the track that led to a nearby mountain ridge, which managed to test the qualities of all electric and non-electric bikes.

All in all, a hilarious event that was enhanced by the Saturday evening company ride and also the Friday and Saturday night parties. Thanks to everyone who visited our stand, the organizers, our team, and all the lovely smiling people. We look forward to seeing you all next year at the latest!

Photos: AZUB recumbents & SPEZI

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