We are going to visit the Recumbent Cycle Con in Nashville, TN as every year. It will be held October 11* – 13 at the Nashville Fairgrounds, 625 Smith Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203 (* Friday, October 11, is a Dealer/Industry-Only Day). We will travel around the US to visit quite some of our dealers after the show as well.

We will present many interesting cycles on the show and some of them will be for sale after it. They have a very good price on them and you can pick them up right after the show or we can deliver them to you, if you are somewhere around the route we will follow. Shipping is not possible for the advertised price.

Cycles we will exhibit at the show:

T-Tris w/Shimano STEPS E6100
TRIcon 26
Ti-FLY 26
Ti-FLY X w/Shimano STEPS E8000
FAT w/Shimano STEPS E8000
MAX 700

Cycles for sale after the show:

AZUB FAT with Shimano Steps E8000 and electronic shifting
Original price – about 8700 USD
Asking price – 4999 USD
MAX 700 – first ever production unit with a nice story
Original price – about 4740 USD
Asking price – 2500 USD
AZUB TRIcon 26 with super ergonomic Shimano Metrea 2×11 shifting
Original price – about 6300 USD
Asking price – 3690 USD
Better pictures within next week 🙂

There are also three other cycles we can offer at the show or to be delivered during our US tour. They are owned by our friendly dealers and we can help deliver them to you. The TWIN will be at the show for sure. The MINI and T-Tris only upon your request (same for the later delivery).

MINI – green/yellow color shop
Original price – about 4200 USD
Asking price – 3452 USD
T-Tris 26 – red/yellow color shop
Original price – about 4400 USD
Asking price – 3137 USD
Original price – 6968 USD
Asking price – 4950 USD


Rough plan of our tour after the Recumbent Cycle Con


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