The number of changes and innovations we are going to introduce in 2015 is probably higher than ever before, especially in the trike world. Get ready for the ride!

After three years of building TRIcon and T-Tris trikes, we decided to do another step.

We adapted the frames so that they offer much more variability. The only major decision our customers had to do in the past was whether to have a rigid or suspension frame. Now, they will have a chance to decide between two different rear wheel sizes . Besides, all trikes will be available in a fast folding version with a new folding hinge and folding handlebars, or in a basic version with a separable frame (It will stilll be possible to split the frame and fold handlebars for transport or storage, but you will need a couple of minutes and two Allen keys.)

This all gives you opportunity to choose from eight different combinations. Any of them may be the right one for you.

Just answer the three basic questions :

1/ rigid frame or suspension?

2/ 26“ or 20“ rear wheel?

3/ foldable or separable frame?

And you are ready to go on configurating your custom made AZUB trike.

TRIcon and T-Tris with 26“ rear wheel
It is the most significant change we have made.

Customers’ hunger for larger rear wheels made us spent long weeks working on the design and testing prototypes. Finally, we managed to combine great riding characteristics of our 20“ models with advantages of the 26“ rear wheel. TRIcon 26 and T-Tris 26 will be available from March, 2015 (pre-orders with 5% winter discount accepted from beginning of 2015).

New folding hinge (and a separable frame)
After three years of building folding trikes we decided to improve the folding mechanism. We have redesigned it completely to make it more user friendly, durable, and to offer more precise operation, easy maintenance, and last but not least, the possibility to replace the whole hinge easily in case of need.

The hinge itself is not an inseparable part of the frame, it is a single unit which is inserted between the front and rear part of the frame.

This offers many advantages.

It is possible to manufacture the folding hinge from 7075 aluminium alloy, which is stronger than any weldable material.

It is possible to use hard anodizing instead of powder coating. All parts can be manufactured with extreme precision. This surface treatment is well know for improving mechanical resistance, but we went a step further and decided to have all parts teflon (PTFE) hardcoat anodized. This method, usually used in armament industry, offers ultimate surface protection and also minimizes friction, which is exactly what we needed.

Thanks to presisely matching jags and sags, the frame resists torsional strain much better.

Larger diameter, longer hinge axle, which rests in maintenance free sliding bearings, improves the overal strength.

The hinge has an ergonomic XXL quick release lever which is positioned on the upper side of the frame. This makes both folding and unfolding extremely easy and smooth.

The hinge is easily adjustable with an Allen key.

And it is, of course, possible to remove the hinge and screw both parts of the trike frame together for hard core (ab)use.

Separable frames in standard
All AZUB trike models will be available with separable frames and without folding handlebars in standard. It will be possible to order a folding kit (folding hinge, folding handlebars) as an upgrade.

Customers who do not need to fold the trike often will have a chance to get a lighter and cheaper trike this way. It will still be possible to take the frame apart for transport. All you will need are two Allen keys and five minutes.

Syntace X-12 axle for TRIcon 26
Poor lateral stiffness is the biggest problem of vast majority of trikes with 26“ rear wheels.

It is caused both by the lower stiffness of a standard 26“ bicycle wheel (if compared to 20“ wheels), and the lower stiffness of the longer rear fork. We managed to minimize this issue by using a wider hub and the patented Syntace X-12 through axle system, which you can find on majority of higher end mountain bikes.

There will still be the possibility to order the TRIcon 26 with gear hubs or a motor with standard 135mm wide hubs.

TRIcon and T-Tris with the same components
In the past, the TRIcon came with high-end rims and quick release wheels as standard. Now, we would like to make our system of basic prices and surcharges easier to understand, and also to give our customers more freedom of choice. Both the TRIcon and T-Tris will come with strong and durable Remerx Grand Hill rims and solid axles as standard.

We redesigned the solid axles so that they look smarter from outside, and the wheels are easier to assemble.

It will be possible to order wheels with quick release axles and/or lighter and nicer Remerx Power Strong rims as an upgrade. This upgrade will also be available for bikes with disc brakes.

All trikes with disc brake caliper mounts for rear parking brake
There is not much to say except of the following, the rear brake shall only be used as a parking brake.

Standard colors in shiny
One of the most visible changes will be the swap from light matte colors to more vivid shiny ones.

We have a new powder coating supplier, and their deep shiny finish is simply amazing. It is time for a change. The matte finish will still be available as Colorshop option.

Pink and beige disappeared from the list of our standard colors, and olive green was replaced by stone gray. There is also a minor change in the standard red color tone. We will use RAL 3020 instead of RAL 3000.

RAL 5012 will be called light blue, RAL 6018 light green.

Shimano XT components
10 speed XT components will be used instead of 9 speed ones.

FCM-551 48/36/26 crankset with integrated axle will be a standard for all bikes and trikes with 26“ rear wheel and XT components. Shimano FC-R563 52/39/30 with integrated axle and an Alligt 52 teeth chainring with integrated chain guard will be used for trikes with 20“ rear wheel.

XT brakes will come in standard on all two wheelers with XT shifting.

Other component changes
Despite the fact that we are forced to compete with other brands with price, we will introduce component upgrades even in the most basic trike setups.

Black Driveline Durabi 52/42/30 cranksets with chainguard, which we have been using for bikes with Deore components, will become a standard also for Alivio setups.

As mentioned above, bikes and trikes with XT components will come with Shimano cranksets with integrated axle.

We will start using Shimano Tiagra FDR-443 front derailleurs for all cranksets with 52 teeth chainrings, which will guarantee smooth shifting and easier adjusting.

On oll bikes, Shimano XT V-brakes will come with XT brake levers.

Hydraulic brakes Magura MT2 will be replaced by Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes with lockable brake levers.

News in our offer
2.15“ Big Apple Plus tires for 20“ and 26“ wheels.

Electronical Di2 shifting for Shimano Alfine 11, which is very popular among disabled riders
There are some increases in prices as well as some decreases. Mainly US customers can benefit from the better EUR/USD exchange rate and the bike prices stays the same in US and the trike prices goes a bit lower in the end.

Although 2014 models of trikes with old specifications can be ordered till the end of January with 5% off-season discount, also the new 2015 trike models with separable or folding frames can be pre-ordered with the discount as well within January 2015.

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