What do you do if you’re heavy into bicycle holidays and your beloved partner simply states he or she doesn’t like to see lots of paintworthy landscapes passing by and being somewhat glued to the handlebar? What if you on the other hand doesn’t own endless amounts of patience which is needed for all those little breaks in order to sketch “that amazing fjord” or to paint some features of the surroundings in “this marvellous light”?

Contributed by Berit and Carsten

Simply travel

We, Berit and Carsten, found our solution: Simply travel using a recumbent tandem – one of you two can concentrate on the cycling experience (and let yourself be called “captain” for what that’s worth ;)), while the other one sits handsfree in the back and, well, e.g. sketch and paint during the ride. Shall we call this Stoker-Art?

And it did

In 2013 we tested our decision for an Azub Twin by traveling from the north of Norway along its west coast back to Hamburg, Germany, where we’re living. First the bike had to proof its ability of being disassembled into parts which fit to boxes which on their part fit to an airplane… And it did.

Nearly at least

So after a day of reassembling and reassuring (“Yes there are high mountains, yes we’ve a lot of luggage, but no, we will not come to a halt at the first raising…”) in Alta, 200km south of the North Cape, we started southbound. Shortly after we found out that our Twin not only can fly by plane but also autonomously – nearly at least.


After three weeks through amazing, sparely inhabited landscapes whith a lot of wild camping, meeting nice people, loads of Stoker-Art and legs which became quite accustomed to those mountains, those crammed panniers and not allways supporting winds, we arrived at the bottom of famous Trollstigen.

Says the captain

Trollstigen promises fun with its eleven serpentines and 12 percent raising – to be ridden together with busses, caravans/motorhomes and motorcycles. The only touristic hot spot we visited because it’s an unavoidable one. Especially by bike it’s a must. Says the captain. And so the stoker has to follow…

Pure fun

And we did it! Some of the inner serpentines are very narrow so we were urged to push around them in order to avoid driving into the opposing traffic. But beside that the ride has been pure fun. Says not only the captain…

Game changer

We found the Twin to be some kind of a “game changer” at least for us: While we normally absolutly don’t feel like making a lot of contact to other people during our holidays, the sight of a recumbent tandem simply works like a magnet. And so we came back with a lot of new acquantiances and even new (real-life-) friends.

Welcome to visit us

If you’re living somewhere in northern Germany, you might be interested in the ADFC Radreisemesse, taking place on 23.02.14 in Hamburg. We’re taking part in the “Reiseradlerallee” (“alley of bike travellers”) and can of course tell you tons and tons of details around travelling Norway, the Azub Twin and doing Stoker-Arts. So you’re warmly welcome to visit us at the fair.



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