To receive an e-mail like this one is always nice and to see a set of pictures with three happy people with an AZUB recumbent is even nicer. Thank you Jahne, Petra and Jon. A lot!

Contributed by Janne, Petra and Jon

Didn’t want to be confined

Becoming a father is great! Jon was six months old when we started our trip and it worked out quite ok. Of course this was an age when he became very active and didn’t want to be confined to the trailer all day. So we went mostly when he was sleeping and let him lead our trip. When he woke up, we stopped and made around 50 km per day like that.


AZUB admin - Honza Galla
Honza’s biggest hobby is cyclotourism, though recently, his time has been more and more taken up by two little people, Julie (2012) and Jan (2015). Honza and his recumbent bike have visited most European countries and there were also expeditions to Israel, India and China. In 2013, he and another AZUB team member, Karel Šebela, took part in the solar race from France to Kazakhstan. The 7800 km journey took them 46 days. They reached Astana as the first team and in the overall score, they came fourth. You can read more about Honza’s travels at

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