Extreme Line

Whether it is its size when ready to ride or the size when folded, Extreme Line bicycles are just that – extreme. All frames for AZUB recumbents and trikes, as well as the vast majority of parts are produced in the Czech Republic or in the neighbouring Slovakia. That is why we can afford to produce even small order models, models without which the recumbent world would be much duller and much less entertaining. Take the AZUB TWIN, a unique recumbent tandem that offers both its riders two truly recumbent seating positions without any compromises whatsoever. Likewise, the Origami is a folding recumbent you will not find anywhere else in the world. And we mustn’t forget our Leftík! We built it for our recumbent offsprings who began popping up in AZUB around 2010, and also for the children of our fans. Who else would be more thrilled by getting a new bike than kids?



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