So you have bought your AZUB recumbent, right? And you have realised that the AZUB decals are way too small to express the love of your new machine. Would you like to shout it more clearly to your friends? Or did you buy a recumbent from another company but later realised you would rather have had an AZUB one, but it was too late and too expensive just to sell your current one and buy a new one? Or do you just want a recumbent-specific jersey? Well, we have a solution for you. Our “I ride AZUB” jersey is here for you.

The jersey has been designed in cooperation with recumbent riders. Since we have many years of experience regarding jerseys designed for recumbent riders as well as upright riders, we decided to focus on the rider’s position on the bike. Of course, there must be pockets on the front, but they must also be the right shape and at the right place. A low collar is also important, just as good visibility is. We have thought of everything.

Our jerseys are produced in the Czech Republic by a sportswear manufacturing company who have been on the market for many years and really know their stuff. The jersey is made of Canard Insulate fibre to ensure your comfort. The collar has been designed for the specific riding position, it has large reflective strips on both sleeves to ensure good visibility from all sides, there are three pockets on the front without zippers to allow easy access and keep your belongings safe, and a non-slip silicone band in the hem to prevent the fabric rolling up which causes discomfort. And last but not least, there are the great graphics, designed by our new team member, Marek. There is no chance one might think you ride an upright bike. You simply ride recumbent. An AZUB recumbent.



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