The multifunction tool ensures you stay on your bike and don’t get stuck on the roadside. The multi-tool boasts 19 must-have tools, including a 15 mm wrench for tightening axle axle nuts and pedals, and a 6mm wrench. The included neoprene cover can be slipped onto the body handle of the multi-tool for a more comfortable grip. The multi-tool folds into a flat, compact size. With the integrated strap, it stores discreetly and securely under your bike saddle.

19 integrated tools
Patented StuckNut design securely locks wrenches in place
Neoprene cover can be slipped onto the body handle for a more comfortable grip.
Integrated strap for convenient stowage below the saddle
Includes: tire patch kit
Dimensions: 86 mm x 51 mm x 30 mm
Weight: 181 g



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