Hallo to all AZUB riders, fans and future customers. We bring you the new price list for the 2013 season and would like to introduce you many important news include the description of all the development we did on our bikes which led to renaming the AZUB 5 to AZUB SIX.

Please note, 2013 prices are valid from April the 5th, but you will still have a chance to order any of our bikes (except for the Origami and TWIN) with 100 EUR / 125 USD discount with an old frame until the stock lasts.

We are a bit late this year, but as we will introduce major improvements on our bikes (not trikes) during the SPEZI show, we had to wait until now.

Pictures we publish here are taken on prototypes as the first series of production bikes is being completed now. We will have pro pictures soon.

Let’s start with some development
As mentioned, new evolution of our bikes is here. We did last major change in 2006 so it is time to come with some upgrades.

Between 2000 when the company was founded by Aleš Zemánek and 2005 we have introduced major improvements every year and the name changed year by year from AZUB 2001 over AZUB 2002 and AZUB 3 to AZUB 5. It is time to do some change again. To represent the new evolution, the AZUB 5’s name will change to AZUB SIX.

The sliding seat bracket on our trikes has been positively received by all our customers as same as dealers and we had only very good experience. No failure at all and easy adjustability. So we have decided to use the sliding seat bracket also on our bikes and we produced a mold for a curved sliding bracket. Also the seat attachment has been improved.

There is a new rear fork axle on the Top Line models with simpler system and some nice laser engravings on side caps as same as on the TRIcon caps. There should be better protection of the cartridge bearings too. On the picture without an engraving still.

The second biggest change is on the under seat steering. We have redesigned it completely and just one version will exist for the Top Line models as same as for the Mainstream Line bikes. There are two beautiful completely CNC machined parts and the over all weight is lower than was before. Also the position of the USS axle is placed frontward compared to the previous models so the ergonomy is improved and also the steering response is a bit improved thanks to shorter steering rod. All the USS will be black (the red stem is just a prototype).

All the bikes and trikes will have a reflective sticker on the boom with the model name on it so it will be easier to recognize the model you are going to test or which one you see. The reflector will not be there anymore.

All the bikes will have a different style of attaching the carrier to the frame. It will be same as on the boom and the boom will be no longer has the nuts there. Just a thread in the frame. It should be the final step to have the carrier’s attachment solid and without any play.

There were some issues with the seat stays we introduced last year. We went through the design again, did several testing and many new prototypes and we have another improvement on them. A secure nut which is easily operated by hand only, has a secure rubber o-ring inside and protect the seat from leaning backwards as has happened on some trikes. It will be used on trikes only.

The very visible change will happen on the quick releases we use everywhere on the trikes and bikes except for the standard wheel quick releases. They will be in an extraodrinary „needle“ design, will be red anodized as you are get used to and will have some laser engravings on them. No longer an AZUB logo as there is not enough space. They come in higher quality and are far lighter. They will be used on all bikes and trikes and we might have them on the wheels too sooner or later (most probably later).

Another major change is the name of the ECO trike. We renamed it to aTRIKE and we will offer all the options and accessories also for this model. The basic version name remains the same and have a bit different component configuration compare to standard Alivio. That means if you order and ECO aTRIKE you will still get the one you are get used to it.

Some changes appear also in the specification
You can find a price of so called „rolling frame sets“ for trikes too. They includes the front wheels as same as the rear one and also a basic suspension for the TRIcon. This is because you need special axles for the front wheels.

All the bikes with 20“ front wheels have an option of White Brothers Rustler front suspensioned fork which is a top high quality product made in USA and we strongly recommend it mainly for the TWIN tandem.

For 26“ front wheels we start to offer officialy the Rock Shox RECON with 80mm travel for 2013. We assembled it on bikes in 2012 instead of the TORA, but did not promote it elswhere.

Schwalbe Black Jack are standard MTB tyres for all our bikes now and we offer them for trikes too.

We have added several items among accessories too
The Computer sensor bracket for trikes was missed by many of you and we offer it now for 15 EUR/18 USD. A little piece of aluminum but we like it a lot.

Double leg stand is supposed to be used on the TWIN and Origami. The Origami has it because it helps folding it when the bike can stand on it.

High seat adapter is also pretty important and is supposed to be used on trikes with mesh seat. It increases the seat height by 6 cm and can be retrofitted to any of our trikes.

A set of Ortlieb bags is offered now. Especialy for travelers. The Saddle Bag can be nicely placed among the supports of the hard shell seat and is great for tool and spare tyre/tube storage.

You can find a wide range of Biologic products there too. We recommend to go through Biologic web page for explanation. They are all clever products and we distribute them in Czech and Slovakia. www.thinkbiologic.com

An important part of the price list for many are the new Options for disabled people. We have built several bikes and trikes for one hand operation only already, but during the winter we have built also couple of trikes with some more adjustments. We can offer Magura BIG hydrauilc disc brakes with one lever now and also something we call „push brake“.  That means you can find special handles at the end of trike bars which, when they are pushed are braking. That can sound strange, but for some spastic people this is pretty useful and we hope you will remember that when somebody with such need will come to visit you.

Colors, Color shop simplification and black spokes
We have change the color shop politic a bit. As we really like the color shop bikes and we did several amazing bikes and trikes with different color combinations over the winter, we would like to help a bit in offering that option. Once you enter the Color shop the fee will be applied and you can combine any parts to be a non-standard color. You can also choose from a range of colors mentioned on our web page here: https://www.azub.eu/CZ/azub-color-shop/ where there are tons of RAL colors available.

The seat in other color than black is still with an additional upcharge as same as the components.

And the big thing now! We are able to offer you wheels laced by black spokes and black nipples. A next option asked by many in last years for just as little as for 20 EUR / 25 USD per wheel for spokes and the same for nipples.

The off-season 5% discount from 1st of October to 30th of January

Valid for orders of complete bikes/trikes or frame sets placed in AZUB or placed through our dealers. Improtant is the date when we receive the order.

The reason why we offer such discount is simple. During the high season we have so many orders that we can hardly assemble all of them in time. Guys are working 10 to 12 hours a day and often during weekends too. Those are very hard times for all of us here. And still, even we try as much as we can, our lead times are longer than we would like to have them. And than in winter, we do not have enough orders to work on as you all wait for Spring 🙂 Hiring more people is not a solution too, as we need to know all the guys from assembling and they have to have a certain level of knowladges and skills. The build quality is very important factor for us and we belive also for you.

All that means such discount should motivate some of you to accelerate placing of the order before the high season comes or to wait with the order some weeks until the Autumn is here.

We hope that this way we will have somehow steady flow of orders and our mechanics will have enough time to work on your bikes and will also have enough time to rest.

Improvements on AZUB.eu to come
We should introduce a new version of our web page within next two or three weeks. The overall look will remain the same, but there will be place for more informations, prices in USD will also  be available and a new configurator will appear there. It will be just basic system which will not allow the customer to save the configuration or to send it to himself by e-mail or share it via Facebook, but it should be much easier to calculate the overall price of chosen specification. We will need to „test it on humans“ for several weeks, but we hope to have a good feature in the future and we plan to develop it too.

As a major change, the German language will no longer be there as it was very difficult for us to keep it up to date. Customers will have a chance to use the Google translator or to see the trilingual catalog (EN/DE/FR).  By that way we will be able to provide even more informations on the web.

Another thing to come will be a revised Buyer’s guide for bikes as same as trikes. We have had it available till end of 2011 and customers were very happy using it, but there was simply no time to rewrite it than and to write a new one for trikes. But here we are. I send you the bike version for review and hope to have the trike version ready till the SPEZI show.

Well, the list of news is getting too long for my taste and far longer than expected several hours ago. And I am not finnished with everything as there are other exciting news to tell you. Come to the SPEZI show or follow our blog and Facebook page.

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