Ales Zemanek - CEO - AZUB BIKE

Roman “Jim” Solnička

SINCE 2019

What exactly is your job at AZUB?
Warehouse man, sales guy, telephonist, e-shop maintenance, infoline.
Somehow everything what is needed so not only the customer but also our company is satisfied.

How did you get to us?
Though advertisement.

What attracted you to work at AZUB?
The opportunity to meet not only interesting people and places but also interesting products. I have it near the residence and team barbecue on the loading ramp sounded great. I can also try everything ridable we have in the company and I like that!

What do you like most about your work?
When a customer thanks me and is happy, it’s the best and that’s why I enjoy the job. There is always something new.

And what do you hate?
Chaos, and that’s why I expect everyone to avoid it mainly in the warehouse.

Do you remember your first encounter with a recumbent bicycle?

Which of the AZUB models do you like best and why?
The Ti-FLY is my favorite among the trikes and from bikes I like the AZUB MAX 700 from Jan Herberk most.

If you’re not in AZUB, what are you doing?
I’m still in Azub (at least in the season), but otherwise I’m with a dog or on a dragon boat. I spend my holidays actively, so you won’t find me rolling in a 5 * hotel on the beach, but mostly somewhere on a sailboat or in the mountains on a hike.

What bike do you ride the most?
Currently, I do not have any, because a thief needed him more, but since I can borrow any bike at work I don’t think I will replace the stolen one soon.

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