Petr Hebeda


What exactly do you do in AZUB?
I deal with the Czech website as a kind of Jack of all trades, for the international site it is wholesale, including stocks, dispatch and purchasing, then BionX servicing and electrical work in production.

How did you come to work here?
I had known Aleš for many years before joining the company. When I came to a turning point in my professional life with the question of what to do next, I made the decision to go and do something I would enjoy with people I want.

What made the prospect of working in AZUB attractive for you?
I had been a recumbent rider and had already known the company from occasional logistical jobs. And I liked the atmosphere of the company with Aleš at the helm.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
The variety, communicating with clients and colleagues. It is pure delight to represent top producers with high quality products and to be kind of “backed up by the manufacturer”. There is always something new to learn.

And what do you really hate?
Meeting idiots.

Do you remember your first encounter with a recumbent bike?
It was my son who wrote to me about visiting AZUB. He had the opportunity to test a recumbent bike and decided to buy it. A year after that I got my first AZUB MAX and began buying and building more and more recumbents.

Which AZUB model do you like the best and why?
At the moment it is the Ti-Fly, as I can go downhill fast even on potholed roads without any trouble.

When you are not in AZUB, what do you do?
I build recumbent bikes and trikes and go on trips.

Which bike do you use the most?
AZUB TRIcon (in winter with the eCvelo body) and “Uhlík” (Carbon), a carbon recumbent.

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