Ales Zemanek - CEO - AZUB BIKE

Franta Blaha

SINCE 2019

What exactly is your job at AZUB?
I’m a designer. I participate in the development of new or non-compliant components using 3D modeling.

How did you get to us?
Through the job offer on the AZUB website.

What attracted you to work at AZUB?
To have a hobby as my job.

What do you like most about your work?
I work in cycling, what to add? 😊

And what do you hate?
Nothing comes to mind now.

Do you remember your first encounter with a recumbent bicycle?
The first time, probably a recumbent meeting in Uhersky Brod in 2010.

Which of the AZUB models do you like best and why?
Ti-FLY, I like the possibility of riding a trike even in rough terrain.

If you’re not in AZUB, what are you doing?
We travel a lot with my family and friends, we like hiking. We ride bicycles, sometimes even some hobby races in the area. I like taking photos, listening to music, watching movies. I am interested in computer science, assembling and servicing computers.

What bike do you ride the most?
Mostly on the mountain, although I also like road cycling. Due to the increasingly insane situation on the road, probably a mountain bike remains a No. 1.

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