Ales Zemanek - CEO - AZUB BIKE

Andrea Výstupová

SINCE 2013

What exactly do you do in AZUB?
I am in charge of administration.

How did you come to work here?
AZUB were looking for someone to keep the accounts and my colleague tempted me to give it a go and so here I am.

What made the prospect of working in AZUB attractive for you?
Mainly experiencing and learning new things.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I enjoy almost all the work I do, but my favourite is looking for accounting discrepancies.

And what do you really hate?
I do not hate anything as such, but I am not keen on long tedious tasks where the result is somewhat not that obvious.

Do you remember your first encounter with a recumbent bike?
I first saw a recumbent at a friend’s house and he also used to tell me about AZUB, which is where I saw them next.

Which AZUB model do you like the best and why?
I prefer recumbent bikes to trikes and the model I like the most is the AZUB Bufo.

When you are not in AZUB, what do you do?
I spend my free time with my family. Because our children have quite time-consuming hobbies, I try to spend a lot of time with them and also try to find time for regular exercise. I do slimboxing and sometimes I go for a run.

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