Aleš Zemánek - founder and CEO of AZUB

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When I began this process seven years ago, I never imagined it would still be going in 2017. I have always loved camping and being outdoors. I spent many years climbing, flying and living in places that allowed me to follow my passion for these sports.

I have ranged over most of the UK’s mountains, climbed in the French Riviera, the Italian Dolomites and Austrian Alps and mountain biked in California. I flew paragliders in the French Alps and have long revered Scotland and its mountains as one of the wonders of the world. Every part of my adult life has been about seeking out adventures big and small and then trying to see them through.

It is no wonder that when my mind collapsed for the fourth and most serious time that I would turn to the outdoor environment for solace and recovery. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting by my wee tent making a brew as I watch the sunsets following a good ride.

The peace and internal quiet that I feel only exists when I’m in these special places, but I’m working on that. Everything else I do grows out of my adventures, big and small. Sharing them in public is a complete pleasure. I hope you enjoy them.


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein




French Connections: part two

French Connections: part two

Waking up to warm sunshine wasn’t something I had experienced at all this year until Michele and I hit the shores of Brittany. All our fears about cold and wet conditions evaporated in the first few days we were there. When you are cycle touring you learn to take each day as it comes and there’s little point trying to predict the weather patterns of such a variable region. It’s better to just wake each day and see what it brings. You can always pull the covers back over your head and go back to sleep after all.

French Connections: early days

French Connections: early days

I’m sat at home contemplating the last five weeks. That’s how long it is since I was last here for more than a few days and the first time I’ve been able to relax properly without feeling I had to do something. It’s also the first time that I’ve been able to sit and relive the three weeks spent touring in Brittany with Michele on our superb AZUB recumbent trikes.

Riding2Recovery: A personal tale

Riding2Recovery: A personal tale

The arrival of two beautiful T-Tris trikes from AZUB two weeks ago marked the beginning of a new era for me. I’m 54 years old and suffer a long-term invisible disability. My adult life has been plagued by poor mental health and a series of breakdowns.


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