Kseniya - auction of recumbent illustrations

🇺🇦 Help Ukrainian refugee – auction of hand-painted recumbent illustrations

It has been more than four months since we started to watch the terrifying reports from Ukraine and since millions of refugees started to flow to the rest of Europe. One would want to get involved, do something big, stop the army, or save all the refugees, but that is impossible. That’s why we look for small ways to help. For us at AZUB, one such small thing is to help a Ukrainian student Kseniya by giving her a job and enabling her to gain much-needed experience for her future career. Kseniya is a young artist, and she is working on the 2023 calendar for us. The calendar will consist of 12 reproductions of her recumbent illustrations. We will pay her for the work, and you can help by auctioning off one of her original illustrations.

You can buy the individual paintings in the original and thus contribute to Kseniya’s life in the Czech Republic. We will then pack the image and send it to you anywhere in the world. The shipping cost will be free of charge. Or, if the final price of your painting is higher than $ 300, we’ll have it framed for you as well.

All you will need to do is send the total amount to Kseniya’s bank account and send your mail address incl. telephone number to us.

The paintings are in A3 size, which is close to North American Tabloid, and each of them takes Kseniya about 20 hours of work. That’s why we have a starting price of $ 100.

Do one small good deed and help Kseniya with us.

NOTE: The first 5 illustrations have their owners and the second batch consisting of 7 more pictures comes to auction right now. 

Kseniya Zavalniuk

Greetings to everyone! My name is Kseniya and I am an artist from Ukraine!

Im currently studying art and interior design in Kyiv State Academy of Decorative Art And Design named after M. Boychuk. I create different original illustrations and fanarts in different styles (from realism to stylized paintings) using any traditional materials, mostly watercolors and colored pencils.


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