Aleš Zemánek - founder and CEO of AZUB

Anne-Cécile and Nicolas


I like: quiche (pretty much anything made from puff pastry actually), christmas trees, koalas, Ryan Gosling, walks in the forest, Gray’s Anatomy, my office is tidy, the Fireplace, play games company with friends, the word capharnaüm, disguise me.

I do not like: when the quiche paste is soft, the hamsters, on Sunday night, make my suitcase, make decisions, coffee, people who answer “it goes like a Monday / Friday”, wait, movies Which last more than 2h.

What I like about this trip: the idea of leaving everything.

What I fear most: that Nico leaves me by the roadside!

My role in traveling: managing the budget, ensuring food supply, negotiating prices, writing blog posts, waking Nico in the morning, taking care of Nico when he gets hurt.

My best souvenir of travel: in Namibia when we witnessed a real ballet of animals. Zebras, giraffes and antelopes gathered around the water point all departed at the arrival of elephants who played in the water like children. A magical moment!

My worst memory: the 2 days spent in the marshes of the Amazon rainforest. A tourist attraction where monkeys are fed to attract them, where a crocodile remains planted in front of the kitchen open mouth because it is given the remains of food and where there are cockroaches under the bed.


I like: pickles, program, Australia, adventure, kite, surfing, snowboarding (all sledding sports in fact), 1 kg pots of Danette chocolate, Bear Grylls, movies Which last more than 2 hours.

I do not like: when there is not enough wind during a kite session, those who love horses, do not get there, the diners that drag on, the name Guy, public transport.

What I like about this trip: eating bubuns on arrival.

What I fear most: Anne-Cé pedal faster than me (and punctures).

My role in traveling: study and make decisions on the itinerary, manage the website, put down sleeping bags and sleeping bags in their mini-bags (which is an impossible mission for Anne-Cé) Repairing punctures, motivating Anne-Cé.

My best souvenir of travel: our treks in Peru, in total autonomy and without guide. Particularly the Salkantay, with a final ascent overnight to Machu Picchu to discover the site at dawn.

My worst memory: memorable : I hesitate between 2 … Salmonella in Bolivia with a shared bathroom which is at the end of a long corridor OR the gastro during a night in a tent in the Amazon forest. In any case, a gastric problem!





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