Abyste věděli, co se děje v AZUBu a kolem něj

Inspirace skrze fotky krsáných kol, které jsme postavili, termíny veletrhů, nové ceníky i upozornění na slevy. Tu a tam též pohled do zákulisí přátelské české firmy.

AZUB TRIcon with Velotop

Here you can see a very nice picture of the AZUB TRIcon recumbent trike with Velotop fairing (weather protection) installed. This combination was made by our new dealer in Belgium the Trike Shop.

AZUB supports Icebear Expedition 2012

We have supported Didier Bovard and his Icebear expedition by giving him a seat for his Hydrocycle. He is already on the way from Greenland to Paric, France. Didier is undertaking the trip to bring the world’s attention to the plight of polar bears. He saw a photo of...

Travelling with my Azub Hardcore

Lincoln is owner of one of the nicest machines we have ever built. He spent a vacation in Holand and sent us a short report about the travel. If you want to knowmore about ravelling with recumbents and trikes read an article here. Lincoln: We all want to bring our...

A picture of Janne, AZUB MINI, Dolphin trailer and son Jon

We received a picture of Janne and his son in Dolphin children trailer. Janne and his family are preparing themselfs for a month trip to Sweden and back from Berlin. We are looking forward to their story about the journey. Good luck!  

WIN a SON hub dynamo

We like  play and have fun and we think you like it too. That's why you have a recumbent or why you are interested in it, right? We would like to play with you, to have some competitions on Facebook or elswhere and also to receive some feedback from you sooner or...

Marc is preparing for a charity tour to Armenia

Marc Brunet is a french adventurer with tons of experiences in long distance running and other unusual activities. He decided to cycle with our AZUB 5 from France to Armenia and to earn some money for charity. You can see more info about the tour on his web page (only...

Two Japan videos of AZUB TWIN

This AZUB Twin tandem recumbent was the very first one we ever delivered and it riding in Japan now. Its owners made a great videos of it and placed on Youtube. Enjoy!

Thermos bottle for AZUB riders

Ronny Svensson is one of our Swedish customers who ride an AZUB ECO trike. He makes custom engraving on thermos bottles and other objects and he made two very nice thermos bottles for us. And we would like to offer such a nice thermos also to our customers. If you...

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