A few months ago we had a nice visit here in our showroom. A British gentleman came to test ride our trikes and specify one for him. A very special one. Bidi is on his way from the UK to Cape Town now so we were asked to build the best possible trike for such an adventure. He first liked the Ti-FLY, but after long discussion we came to a decision of using the TRIcon as a base without the complexity of the front suspension where the dust can get into the dampers and even a stupid accident can make a damage to some parts which would be hard to repair in the middle of Africa. So here is his trike. The first ever TRIcon X with all 26” wheels, Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, 18 speed Pinion P1.18 gearbox, FOX Float rear shock, ESI grips, headrest and few other little details which should make his journey as comfortable as possible. As he writes on his web page (hobobidi.com), this is an off-road recumbent touring trike. And we like it. What about you?


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