Top line

Top Line bicycles embody the very best we can build for you here in AZUB. Even the tiniest details are the result of long years of development and testing, in particular the asymmetrical and extremely stiff rear fork which we are really proud of. It is the asymmetry that provides plenty of space for the side sliding pulley. Similarly, the axle shock clamped into the main frame tube through a special shock shortens the length of the bike and improves its manoeuvrability. Our Top Line bicycles are recommended for riders who come close to the load capacity limit of our bikes (125 kg / 275 lb), those who undertake long journeys fully loaded and also those who are planning to pull a child or cargo trailer. However, based on our experience, we know that AZUB SIX, MAX and MINI are also purchased by many people simply because they just adore the look.




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