Ti-FLY 26 – E6100+1×10, BB7, Folding

$ 11.702  / € 10.203

Shipping within 1-2 days.



  • Drivetrain Shimano Steps E6100+1×10
  • Shimano Battery 504Wh
  • Brakes – Avid BB7
  • Dream seat size L
  • Neon yellow shiny
  • Soft Front Suspension
  • Folding Hinge
  • DNM DV22 – spring
  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus 1,75″
  • ALU Pedals


  • Lowrider Rack S
  • AZUB Safety Flag PREMIUM
  • Mirrycle mirror
  • SKS Mudguard Set – wide
  • Grab handles
  • High seat adapter


In case you want to buy this one or want to know more, please contact our sales team.

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