Vaše skvělé AZUBácké příběhy

Igor riding his MAX around Australia

Igor is originaly from the Czech Republic, but has been living in Australia for couple of last years. He purchuased his AZUB MAX to ride around Australia and to learn more abour permaculture. He writes a very nice blog which we think make sense to read. You can sign...

AZUB Max transporting glider

One of the pretty interesting uses of the AZUB Max recumbent. Here you can see, how one of our customers uses it for transporting of the RC glider. He has also very nice pictures taken from the glider. Mainly after click to the second link.   [gallery link="file"...

Travelling with my Azub Hardcore

Lincoln is owner of one of the nicest machines we have ever built. He spent a vacation in Holand and sent us a short report about the travel. If you want to knowmore about ravelling with recumbents and trikes read an article here. Lincoln: We all want to bring our...

A picture of Janne, AZUB MINI, Dolphin trailer and son Jon

We received a picture of Janne and his son in Dolphin children trailer. Janne and his family are preparing themselfs for a month trip to Sweden and back from Berlin. We are looking forward to their story about the journey. Good luck!  

Valdson on Paris-Brest-Paris

This is an e-mail we received from one of our customers Valdson. He ordered an AZUB MAX with Rohloff, SON hub dynamo, some carbon parts etc. just few weeks before the so known and respectful Paris-Brest-Paris race. The oldest bicycle race on the world which is still...

Pink lady

 The weather outside is not really nice nowadays everything is gray or brown and people do not smile at each other as in Summer. So let´s come with some sweet pictures with shiny bike and smiling lady. Rebecca saw her bike on the SPEZI show 2011 in Germersheim and she...

AZUB Cartoon from

We just received a beautiful cartoon of our recumbent from Velodreamer´s Karina. Seems to be an AZUB MAX 🙂 We like all the projects you can find on their web page and Karina´s set of cartoons is really nice. I recommend to visit their page and...

Three AZUB recumbent trikes towing ponny buggy during wedding celebration

Ales Zemanek, owner of AZUB BIKE, got quietly married in March 2011 and celebrated his wedding with family, friends and employes in May. AZUB employees prepared him a little surprise and towed him and his wife Hanka to the restaurant with three trikes. Unfortunately...

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