Roman Procházka


What exactly do you do in AZUB?
I look after our Czech customers and dealers.

How did you come to work here?
I was not so lucky at my choice of university and had to leave, so I was looking for a job. I found a job offer on the Internet for a new team member in AZUB. It was an obvious choice for me because I’ve been interested in bikes ever since I was a little kid. I immediately sent them my CV and was eagerly waiting for a reply. I was lucky, Aleš got in touch and asked me to come for interview, and so now I am here.

What made the prospect of working in AZUB attractive for you?
The best prospect was that my job could be fun, doing what one loves and as a bonus doing it with great people.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
The thing I enjoy most is making people happy. There is no better feeling than seeing a kid with poorly legs who comes to get his new tricycle. The joy you see in his face cannot be surpassed by anything else in the world.

And what do you really hate?
To tell the truth, I can’t really think of anything.

Do you remember your first encounter with a recumbent bike?
Yes. When I first saw a recumbent, I thought only fools would ride that, because it had to be terribly difficult… But as time has gone by, I got more into it and had an opportunity to try them out, and I discovered they were actually great. Nowadays, with my girlfriend we tend to favour recumbents over classic bikes.

Which AZUB model do you like the best and why?
I have a soft spot for the SIX with ASS. After trying various other models, I decided that it was the best one for me. Therefore it is my first choice when I fancy going for a ride and have the opportunity to borrow it.

When you are not in AZUB, what do you do?
Well, I do like sport. I used to play American football, Czech football, lacross, and currently I’m having a go at baseball. And, of course, I travel a lot with my girlfriend.

Which bike do you use the most?
I think it is the Ibis Mojo HD and from recumbents it is Azub SIX with ASS. And when I find the time, I also get out my Intense M9 downhill racer.

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