We have received an e-mail from Lincoln who live in Australia and once a year travel to Holland for cycling vacation. He has a MAX from us as well as the Origami and he has some nice tip for all of us.

“It can’t get any easier to pack and travel with the Origami. Using the Hellium bag, I removed the seat, put the handlebar loosely in the bag and inflated the sides of the Hellium and it’s all done in 5 minutes. The bag has plenty of room for the seat, spares, helmet etc. The bag is on wheels which is great as some places like railway stations do not have trolleys anymore.

Off to Holland using Ortileb recumbent bags and an ortileb recumbent back pack. Shall send photos of the loaded bike. This bike is great for the touring we do which does not involve camping. I have found that it is very stable loaded and continues to be a fun bike to ride. Shall send an update in a couple of weeks at the end of our tour.”

Contributed by Lincoln



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